Thursday, 19 November 2015

Nora Charles Christmas Cards.....

  What could be lovelier than receiving a festive message from the one and only Nora Charles....

  If you missed snatching up a set of this years cocktail swigging Nora Charles Christmas cards, I have just re listed some more sets in my Etsy Shop. I have also listed a few sets of my Nora cards from last year. Why not just collect them all!

  It was important for me to create the 2015 scenes in the same style and vein as last years, so I have used the same method of collage and gouache. I then add, by hand to each individual card, tiny details of gold and silver paint.

  I will happily list more if they sell out again, so don't panic! I just have to list in small bulks due to ink, paper and time restrictions. Just drop me an email though if you miss out - so I have an idea of how many more to create.

2015 Christmas Cards

2014 Christmas Cards

I so need to throw a party and wear candy stripes! The best dress ever! Designed by the amazing Dolly Tree 1934