Thursday, 15 October 2015


  October is absolutely my very favourite time of year. I love the noticeable chill in the air, the nights drawing in and the anticipation of Halloween.

  I find myself becoming more and more inspired by the changing of the Seasons, how it makes me feel and what it inspires in my work...

Morticia Addams and her colony of bats

'Darling, I always wear black'

Morticia Addams must have a waspish waist and a widows peak

 There is a very short and spellbinding scene in the 1927 movie 'The Show' where our eyes fall upon the haunting sideshow. We meet Zela the half lady, Neptuna the Queen of the mermaids and Arachnida! The Human Spider....

  I started sketching and posting all manner of smouldering vamps over on my instagram page as each new inspiration came along. These two characters became my fixtures for the pen and ink treatment as well as the textile creations.

  I think you may still be in luck if you wish to purchase a set of my Spooky Vamp Halloween cards - there are still a few sets left in my Etsy Shop

 I'm going to try my very best to write more blog posts in the future. I hope my regular readers haven't forgotten me? Life seems to get so chaotic at times but rest assured all your lovely comments and messages are so very much appreciated. I get so confused with all the different types of social media I sometimes post on one but not the other. I become forgetful, muddled and altogether quite, quite lost.

  Happy October Everyone!

  Pip x