Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jean Harlow Postcard Sets.......

  My Jean Harlow postcard sets are now available to buy in my Etsy Shop

  Those who follow me on Instagram will know I spent a happy few weeks illustrating cute little scenes based on true events in Jean Harlow's life. If you are a fan of my work you will also be fully aware that Jean is a huge inspiration in both my illustration and doll work.

  'Snippets of Jean' is a set of 6 cute postcards.

  Each set contains 6 different scenes based on snippets of research into the life of Jean Harlow - I hope they capture her sense of fun and happy go lucky side. The postcards are professionally printed on sturdy matte card and A6 in size.

  They would look beautiful individually framed, sent as a gift or kept as a keep sake.

  I have been a Jean Harlow fan for well over 20 years now and have subconsciously lapped up lots of facts and wonderful stories about her short yet happy life. If you follow my social network sites you will know I created 3-4 more illustrations which didn't make it to the postcard set but will be sold as prints in the very near future.

  They come carefully packaged in brown paper and ribbon.

  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Favourite Trio........

  My favourite little trio are back in my life once more! Ever since I created the two Myrna dolls and whipped up a little painting of Nora Charles promoting me in the National Vintage Awards I've had ideas of creating a little set of prints featuring Nick, Nora and Asta. Thought I'd start off with a portrait study......

  These will be listed in my shop over the weekend and sold in a set. Each image is postcard size but they will have a white boarder, making each print approx A5 in size. I realise that Asta is huge compared to Nick and Nora so I'm debating whether to make him a little smaller but I have to say he makes me laugh as he is - so we'll see.

The Thin Man Trio....Gouache and Watercolour

  In previous posts I have chatted and rambled at length about my favourite sleuthing trio (Wouldn't it be lovely to have them over for dinner!) and I'm fairly certain that I know them well enough to create some illustration studies as my possible next project. I will endeavour to keep all the wit, charm and style that they hold and can almost definitely promise a cocktail or two!

I love this outfit Nora wears in her first scene in the first Thin Man movie 1934  Decided to dress her like this for my illustration - cute little hat, big fur collar , lace and perfect curls. 

  Secondly I need a few more votes to catch up in the Vintage Awards so if you fancy badgering your husbands, wives, partners and friends into popping in their email addresses and voting for me that would be tippity top! Obviously show them what they're voting for first!

  Once more here's the link
  Scroll to Best Artist Category, find my name SarahBurford/CuriousPip, pop in your email and click vote!

  Ta ever so! xxx

  My husband is coming with me to the awards and we're both really looking forward to a splendid evening. It was a bit hit and miss whether he was going to be able to make it due to work commitments but now he can!! Hoorah!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jean Prints and Postcard Sets, Self Promotion and Constance Bennett.......

  Good afternoon folks from a very wet and soggy Bristol.

  It's been a week since I last posted so thought I'd share some news and snaps of my latest work. Those of you waiting for my Jean Harlow postcard sets and prints hopefully won't have to wait too much longer - they are happening! I'm about half way through the process of getting them ready for print but this can be a little time consuming. Photoshop comes easy to some people but not always to me and I need to make sure the sizing perfect.

2 designs from the Jean Harlow Postcard Sets...In pen and ink....

  This next glamorous Miss is based on Constance Bennett - Who I think has just the most beautiful little hair line in all of old Hollywood! And I simply adore her in 'Topper' 1937 and 'Topper Takes a Trip' 1938 

Constance Bennett

'After Office Hours' 1935 with Clark Gable - was very inspired by this outfit

  Next I've been working on a lady in blue with a coolie hat. The hat took forever but I'm glad I stuck to it and I'm really pleased with the result.

Little vintage fabric blouse with boat patten. Little coolie hat made from cord, embroidery silk and felt.

  Thankyou to all my lovely followers, vintage gals, friends and family who are voting for me - Best Vintage Style Artist in the National Vintage Awards. I checked the current stats this morning and I am sadly falling behind a fair bit. It's a tough one really online voting and I've been doing as much promoting as I can - putting aside an hour or so a day to work on it - but it does sometimes feel a little pleading, and I'd hate to come across in that way. I don't do markets so am doing all my promotion from my desk at home. I'd so adore to win, it would be the cherry on my bakewell (sounds a bit rude!) but whatever happens I can't wait to slip into my 1930's velvet frock for an evening of vintage heaven next month.

1930's black velvet gown. Who wouldn't feel like Myrna Loy in this beauty?

 I've been looking at all the other nominees in the competition and they're fantastic. I haven't made up my mind who to go for in each category yet but I will be placing my votes very soon.

  If you would like to vote for me in the National Vintage Awards 2014 (and I wish you would)  here's how:

  **To do so go to this link Scroll down and find the Best Artist category and click on my name SarahBurford/CuriousPip  below that you will be asked to fill in your email as you're only entitled to one vote per category - this is in order to make it fair. Adding in your email is very important otherwise your vote won't be counted... Then press VOTE** 

  I've been taking photos of my dolls and illustrations featuring the flyer - A fun way to promote myself!

  Lots of love to one and all!!!! xx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The National Vintage Awards......

  Dear friends,

  This year I am nominated in 'Best Artist' category at the National Vintage Awards I'm excited and a bit nervous to be honest. I'm always a bit shy (silly really) about self publication and asking people to do things for me but if I could count on your Vote that would be marvellous!

  I hold dear each and every one of you that reads my blog, sends me lovely emails and buys my art dolls and prints. Without you and your support Curious Pip wouldn't have reached the dizzy heights of success it's enjoying now. Therefore I would be really grateful if you could click on a few buttons and VOTE FOR ME!


  **To do so go to the link I've just given 'Vote for Me' and click on the category that I'm in 'Best Artist' Find my name SarahBurford/CuriousPip and click on me! below that you will be asked to fill in your email as you're only entitled to one vote per category - this is in order to make it fair and doesn't mean you will be added to any lists for spam or junk mail! Adding in your email is very important otherwise your vote won't be counted... Then press VOTE** 

  I work incredibly hard and with an absolute passion for my work so I need your help. In order to make it to the shortlist I need votes! From today May 1st 2014 I will be put forward for public vote via an online poll. Very nervous!

  Thankyou in advance and please share with your friends, family, etc... I have added some of my latest working eye candy so if you're new to Curious Pip you can see what sort of work you're voting for! xxxxx

Myrna Loy as Nora Charles...

Myrna Loy designs and  working progress...

Ta Da! Jean Harlow and Myrna Loy
Land Girls.........

Working progress snaps for the 'Day in the Life of Jean Harlow'

Pen and Ink - Cocktails With Myrna

  Happy Thursday!!!